We all are busy and time is running faster than ever. Last weekend I bought the Sunday papers and thought to myself I’ll read it tomorrow and before I even got a chance to read the paper it was already Friday. That is how fast time is flying and we tend to miss a lot of things to do when we wanted to. This is why I am recommending you to have a check list. It can be an annual check list or monthly check. Why not both? Have this check list and hang it somewhere you will always look at. Maybe on the refrigerator or bedroom wall or mirror. Having this check will make sure you get what has to be done within the month. Getting the list up is fine but what are you going to add on to the check list? Here are few things that I have and I believe that you should too.

My monthly maintenance list. There are many things in your house that you will have to check every month. Check the HVAC filters, Clean the sink disposal, check the gutters for leaks, etc. Checking the most important around the house when it comes to maintenance it will help you save a lot of money in the long run. Maintaining will help you keep your house from breaking down and thus saving money.

You will need to opt for servicing vehicle at least every once a month depending on what the manufacturer has told you to. Normally you should take your vehicle to a garage service center but like I mentioned early we might be busy with our lives.

You can call a mobile car service who does efficient log book service, although they come and service your car they also stamp your log book so that everything happens the way it should be happening.

Next thing on your check list should be about your bill payments. You don’t want to forget to pay your bills and get your mobile connection cut down during an emergency. Paying you bills on time and saving money to pay the bills will help you save money instead of spending excess on things you don’t want.

Last on the list is everything that has to with your health. Sometimes you might not need to do health checkups every month unless you have a health condition but it’s good to have it on your check list so you can check when you last had a checkup. Something else you could add to the check up is your dentist visit as well.

If there is anything else you would want to add to the check list feel free to do so. It may be a monthly visit to your grandparents, visit to the beach, etc. There is no rule on what has to and not to be on that list.

Things You Should Have On Your Monthly Checklist