Living in a nice neighborhood is something most people aspire to. Having nice neighbors, some greenery and nice walkways are never things people would turn down. A bit attraction of a nice neighborhood is the sense of security that comes with living in a nice community. road signs Perth

Road Safety

If you have children, an important point of consideration for you would be road safety in your neighborhood. This would be particularly importance around residential areas and around local schools. These are places where children are more likely to take their games to the street, or run across the road to catch a ball without looking for oncoming traffic. The consequences could be horrific. As such, you would want to see adequate road signs Perth around these areas, which would indicate to drivers that they should drive slowly, and that there are children at play.

Steps you can take

If you do live in a neighborhood you like, but feel that road safety is not taken seriously, there are some steps you can take. First, educate your children on road safety, the dangers of running onto the street, and the importance of only crossing the road with an adult. You could also stress the importance of listening to traffic police near their school. Secondly, you can take this issue up with any neighborhood committees, the local school, or with your local government representative. Do not be afraid to push this issue and insist on steps being taken to improve road safety. Speak to other concerned parties, such as parents at the school, teachers, and neighbors to get support in this endeavor. Present a clear, logical case, with some statistics on accidents, as well as a few anecdotes. You will be sure of gathering support.

Implement the measures

It would be best to first assess what is lacking, and which areas are children most vulnerable, such as schools, parks and very residential areas. If you have noticed careless drivers in your area, then it is likely that they will ignore, dismiss or not even notice signs telling them to slow down. This could end in disaster. One step to take would be speak to your local government authority about fines, and increased policing in this area. A more immediate step would be installing a rubber speed hump in these areas. This will force drivers to slow down, and potentially prevent accidents.

Enjoy the sense of security

Road Safety In Your Neighborhood