There is nothing better than going out on a night on the town with your girl friends especially when you just need to let your hair down and have a great time. If you are in the mood to plan the perfect night out for you and the girls and want to take it up a notch then this is the perfect article for you. From the perfect outfit to luxurious private cars to a bottle of bubbly in the car on the way up, we have you sorted.  First of all it is always great to pick a special occasion to go out and celebrate big. Doesn’t have to be a hens night but perhaps a birthday or maybe one of you just got that promotion you have been working so hard to get. Whatever the excuse, just find one and use it so you are all already in a great mood and have no reservations on spending a bit of extra cash.

Pick the right posse. Make sure you go out with your usual girls and don’t invite any extras or plus ones, the last thing you want is for anyone to make you feel uncomfortable or stop you from being your fabulous self. While it may seem a bit high school if one of your friends are not in the best mood or some of your friends are in a fight, gently remind them that the night is meant for a good time and just to leave their troubles at the door for the evening. If one of them is really not ready to have a good time then it may be a good idea to let them stay in so they don’t ruin the mood.

Make sure there is a strict no driving rule that night, as you don’t want any excuse for people not being able to stay out and enjoy the night. A great way to alleviate anyone from driving is to book a room in one of the city’s finest hotels as there are no expenses spared for your special night. This way you get to get all dressed up with the girls while sipping on your favourite drink together – nothing gets better. Grab a taxi to your destination or if you want to continue the high life then there are many companies that have mobile car wash Perth available for hire. Once you are all dressed in your perfect outfit and in your vehicle of choice, head over to your favourite restaurant to get the night started. Be sure to make a reservation in advance and leave plenty of time to cruise over with time to spare. Make sure you pick somewhere that you have enjoyed previously or that has rave reviews, as starting off with a bad meal is the not the way you want to start off your evening. Next head to your favourite club and dance the night away!

Planning The Perfect Girls Night