Road accidents have become a norm in the media. Every day on an average of three thousand people dies due to road accidents. Out of this many can be categorized as use of mobile phones. There has been sudden increase in road accidents since the introduction of the selfie mania. This has been a major disaster in many countries. People do not have a limit to it. While driving they take selfies of them driving or posing for selfies with their friends while they are driving. Another mania is while driving texting which has become catastrophic. Many people just think one small message while staring at the phone screen while typing they do not have the concentration of the road. Easily could be involved in a road accident which can kill the other passengers as well as you. A message which can be told bit later enables to remove so many catastrophic incidents. Yet people really do not understand or do not care they just want to finish their job.

Duties of driving school

The driving school needs to inform their driving instructors to be very strict regarding driving and texting or taking pictures.
The driving instructors need to show people with firsthand experience of road accidents. Therefore creating a environment for the students to learn what happens while driving and using mobile phones will enable them to see the in depth knowledge of texting and taking pictures while driving. These experiences could reduce the average accidents due to texting or picture. Check this site provide a high standard training institute to improve your driving skills.

Moreover the driving schools should be very strict regarding the use of phones while driving and should talk about all the deaths and data regarding the increase of road accidents and moreover images of road accident can be shown to the students to take their time while driving on a busy road. Link here offer a great quality of driving service that can suit your needs.

Learning the hard way

Some people do not understand therefore they will need life lessons to experience what is that is told for them. Many people change their way of driving after experiencing a near death situation or actually meet with an accidents. Therefore they learn their lessons in the hard way. However sometime that hard way can be with loss of a loved one therefore the drivers should be careful with what they do while driving. Should always remember to put the phone on silent mode then even if you get a message or a phone call the user will see it only after him or she finishes the drive. And this can be a sensible practice since the person will not concentrate on the phone and have full attention to the road.


Main Cause Of Road Accidents: Use Of Phones While Driving