the motorcycle is the passion of all the young hearts. The speeding vehicle boils their blood and makes them feel great. They feel it is just sitting on the seat and accelerating. Once they hold the handle and ignite the bike they think that they have handled the big machine flying high in the skies. In this passion, they are least bothered about the pre learner course Gold Coast. They don’t realize the threats of riding the bike without the pre-learner motorcycle course. Despite the growing interest and passion for the motorbikes, it cannot be ignored that motorcycle is extremely risky and dangerous.

Regardless of the geographical limits, the threats associated with the motorbike ride cannot be ignored. The recent studies conducted under the United States traffic safety department reveal that the rate of motorbike crashes that turned into fatal accidents is much higher than the cars. Per kilometer, motorbike accident rate is also very high. If we compare the rates of the car and the motorbike accidents we will find that the rate of the latter is 35 times higher than the former’s rate. This rate has considerably multiplied in the past few decades. There are many reasons for that and one reason is the lack of proper equipment and the proper pre-learner course.

A similar research and survey were conducted under the supervision of the Australian Transport Bureau. The survey carried out under their control had more shocking results. There is a considerable increase in motorbike accidents since 1998. The death rate in these accidents is higher than injuries. The age-based accident rate is also higher in young ones who show a careless attitude and consider the motorbike ride as merely a thrilling experience.

Some renowned surveys to give an insight into the motorbike safe level are as follows

Hurt Report

It is the most renowned and reliable survey regarding motorbike accidents. It was conducted in 1981 and covered the data from Los Angeles. This report covered 55 different results. Apart from the causes and the reasons for the major accidents the report also mentioned that how the accidents can be prevented. It had elaborated the ways to the law enforcement agencies to prevent accidents in the future. The Hurt Report suggested that ¾th of the accidents happened when the bikes collided with the vehicles either from the front or the back.

MAIDS Report

The results were not very different in this report but the only difference was that this report highlighted the happenings in the late 1990s and the early 2000s in Europe. The results were based on the OECD standards. It analyzed more than nine hundred cases. Most of the accident prevention suggestion was similar to those given in the report mentioned above.

Is Motorbike A Safe Vehicle?