Have you ever wondered about those massive HGVs you see on the road? For those of you who do not know what HGVs are looks it up. They are generally referred to as Heavy Goods Vehicles. Now that you know what we are talking about, don’t they often look too huge for comprehension? Ever wondered what they carry and where they are going to? We often see in action movies that these vehicles can hold almost anything inside them and can be rather dangerous tools. In real life they are pretty amazing even though they might not be involved in a lot of dramatic action like in the movies.

How heavy are they?

They look quite big and therefore they must obviously be quite heavy, right? You are right in assuming the above. They do indeed carry a lot of goods and thus are quite heavy. The amounts of goods they can carry vary from country to country and it generally depends on the size of the vehicle. There are strict regulations guiding the amount you can load and therefore the owners or transporters of these vehicles have to look for  truck weighing systems to ensure the weight is just right. 

These truck weighing systems contains in a range of scales. The most popular truck weighbridges services, which are usually placed permanently on a concrete or steel foundation that allow for these heavy weight vehicles to be measured with and without their loads, so that owners and transporters can calculate how heavy they are. This equipment is supplied by companies who specialize in the field, and they generally provide a series of services that come along with buying these scales; which include consultation, installation and post-installation services. The scales can be bought brand new or even second hand, depending on your budget. They are a must for enterprises involved in the heavy transport due to the regulations mentioned above.

Some other details

These heavy vehicles travel for days, across the country with valuable goods. Therefore, there are extensive measures taken to ensure not only the safety of the goods carried, but also the safety of the vehicle itself. The people who drive these vehicles are expected to be in top physical condition as a precautionary safety measure and they also have to obtain special driving licenses before being allowed to drive such vehicles. The vehicle itself should be in top condition and to make sure it does not face any breakdowns on the road, as it is extremely difficult to repair such a vehicle on the road side with such a heavy load of goods.


Heavy Transportation